Bio Pesticides

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  1. Nemex

    Nemex - is a unique formulation designed to control the nematodes that affect the plant nutrition and overall productivity of the crops / plant. This product is proven to have excellent action against the nematode infection.
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  2. Bio Pesticide

    Proban is a unique formulation that helps control the sucking pest that suck the sap and cause nutrient loss to the plant / crops.
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  3. Bio Larvicide

    Larvecon contains entomopathogenic fungi that target larvae that eat leaves, fruits etc and reduce productivity. This product gives being organic leaves no residues while doing its work of controlling larva by causing infection to the larvae.
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  4. Organic White Grub Controller

    Grubsil - is an ecofriendly blend of microbes to control the white grub population that affect the crops like sugarcane and other economically important crops. This product infects the white grub and stops their movement or kills them.
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  5. Plant Antivirus

    Viroeseal - is an effective formulation that helps develop resistance in crops against viral diseases. Be it leaf curl, mosaic virus etc, this product helps develop immunity against viruses that affect productivity.
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